Viral Indian Memes

In the past couple of years various Indian personalities have become social media celebrities overnight. These personalities served as the inspirations and templates for thousands of memes on social media.

Hindustani Bhau Meme Templates

“Jai hind doston”

hindustani bhau jai hind doston meme template

“Nikal lau** pehli fursat mein nikal”

hindustani bhau viral meme template nikal lau pehli fursat mein nikal

“Ruk teri abhi maa ch**ta hu”

hindustani bhau meme templates ruk teri abhi maa chta hu abhi

Bhau Angry-Smiling

Vipin Sahu (Indian Man Paragliding) Meme Templates

Vipin Sahu, a tile showroom owner from Uttar Pradesh’s Banda became a social media sansation overnight after a video of his conversation with his guide, while paragliding went viral on YouTube. His video became the laughing stock among the social media users. And this resulted in thousands of viral memes.

Main madarch** hu jo isme aaya

Main madarch** hu jo isme aaya Vipin Sahu viral indian youtube video man paragliding meme template

Aur ye main aasmaan ki unchaaiyon mein

Maar mujhe aur maar

Gormint Aunty’s Take On The Government

Qamar, a Pakistani woman, went on an abusive rant against the government while answering a journalist’s question. Her words “Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint”( This government is a sell-out) became a slogan for memers after her interview went viral.

Yeh bik gayi hai gormint, saare milke humko pagal bana rahe hain

Yeh bik gayi hai gormint bhadwi aunty abusing viral youtube video meme template

Perfect Reply Of A Guy Who Was Standing In ATM Line During Demonetization :

“Are maa ch*di padi hai”

are maa chdi padi hai guy meme template

Swami Devkinandan Maharaj’s Reply To A Girl Who Was Arguing With Him About Superstition :

“I am not your yaar”

Swami Devkinandan Maharaj i am not your yaar meme template

Somvati Mahawar Asking Her Friends To Drink Tea :

Hello Friends Chai Pilo

Loyal Girlfriend

“Inka koi galti nahi hai theek hai”

Inka koi galti nahi hai theek hai na viral video girl and the boy meme template

Mukesh Harane : The Face Of Anti-Tobacco Campaign

Mukesh Harane Cancer Victim tobacco advertisement viral photo

The Immortal Mahashay Dharampal Gulati

Mahashay Dharampal Gulati mdh owner meme

Priya Prakash Varrier’s wink

Pranking An Angry Indian Father Be Like :

Father Beating Son
“Pranking my angry dad gone wrong”
YouTube video by SocioCatastropheTV

Father Beating Son in a funny indian prank viral youtube video meme template

When Someone Comments On Facebook “Bhai Idhar Dekh”

Piche Toh Dekho Meme Templates

piche dekho piche toh dekho Pakistani Pathan ka baccha Ahmad Shah meme template
piche toh dekho Ahmad Shah tum bhi tum bhi ho funny photo meme template