Greta Thunberg Memes And Meme Templates

Greta Thunberg memes are making the rounds on social media after the 16-year-old environmental activist from Sweden addressed the world leaders at the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit held in New York on 23 September. In her speech she questioned the world leaders for destroying climate at such a rate asking the question “How Dare You”.

After her speech went viral, netizens and popular celebrities hailed the young activist. She was also subjected to trolling, particularly from right-wing social media users.

A video of Thunberg looking angrily at US president Donald Trump at the summit and her words “how dare you?” which she had said repeatedly during her speech inspired millions of memes on social media.

We have listed 50 best Greta Thunberg memes and meme templates that went viral after her speech at UN Climate Action Summit.

Meme Templates

Greta Thunberg Speech

Greta Thunberg Speech At The UN Summit On Climate Change

“How dare you”

Greta Thunberg speech at the UN Summit on climate change how dare you meme

Thurnberg Looking At Trump

Greta Thunberg looking at donald trump At The UN Summit On Climate Change meme

How Dare You Memes

Greta’s Funny Face

Greta Thurnberg Looking At Trump Memes

You Have Stolen My Dreams Memes

Greta Thurnberg Trolled

Netizens Also Took A Dig At Indian Celebs

Internet Rips Apart The Trolls

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