Paisa Laya

Paisa Laya Akshay Kumar Phir Hera Pheri meme template
Paisa Laya Meme Template

Paisa laya is a popular quote from the Bollywood movie Phir Hera Pheri. In the movie Anuradha, who was claiming to be a manager at a chit fund company, promises Raju to double his wealth in 21 days. She also convinces Raju’s business partners, Shyam and Baburao to go along with it. To come up with the minimum deposit of one crore rupees, Raju first arranges for 30 lakh rupees from Shyam and Baburao and then a further 50 lakh rupees by selling their bungalow. He then convinces Pappu (played by Rajpal Yadav) to invest 20 lakh rupees. Raju invites Pappu to his bungalow with the money and after Pappu reached Raju asked whether he brought the money or not by using the line “Paisa laya”.

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