Modi’s Extra 2ab Theory

Modi’s Extra 2ab Theory meme originated from a speech by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the Indian diaspora at an event in Toronto (Canada) on 15 April 2015.

In his speech, Mr. Modi made an analogy between the India-Canadian relationship and the mathematical difference between adding squares of variables A and B separately and inside brackets.

He said : “Mathematics mein a square+b square kare to result kya aata hai, lekin maan lijiye a+b × square(^2) × () square(^2) kare toh? a+b × () square(^2) kare toh? Toh result aata hai a square (^2) + 2ab+ b square(^2), ek extra 2ab milta hai ki nahi milta hai? Ye extra 2ab kaha se aaya? Toh Bharat aur Canada jab milta hai, to extra 2ab niklta hai”.

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