Amit Shah Funny Photos For Meme creators

Amit Shah is the current Minister of Home Affairs and a most trusted ally of prime minister Narendra Modi.

Amit Shah was born born on 22 October, 1964 to a Gujarati family in Mumbai. Shah started his political career as a leader of the student wing of the RSS. After joining the RSS, he worked for the the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, student’s wing of the RSS, for over four years. The modern day Chanakya is known for his organizational capabilities.

In 2014 BJP made him the President of the party. He played crucial role in the landslide victories of BJP in the last two general elections.

After BJP’s landslide victory in the general elections and after the ”bold and decisive” Home minister scraped Jammu and Kashmir’s special status thousands of memes made rounds on the internet using Amit Shah images. Here are some of the best and funniest Amit Shah photos you can use t make memes.

Shah Not Impressed

amit shah in parliament not impressed looking funny pose

Amit Shah In Aap Ki Adalat

amit shah in aap ki adalat meme

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Shah Sitting

new iron man amit shah sitting on sofa looking angrily meme

Shah inaugurating e-library at state BJP office in jammu

amit shah using a computer meme
hacking election rigging laptop

Shah Looking

indian home minister amit shah looking angrily photo

Shah Calling

Amit shah talking on phone calling to someone

Shah Spectacles

amit shah spectacles funny photo

Shah Sad

amit shah sad hand on his head

What Did He Say To Modi

amit shah telling someting to modi during election campaign
narendra modi and amit shah both thinking photo in a election rally

Shah Thinking

amit shah thinking finger on his mouth

Modi Telling Something To Shah

narendra modi amit shah jodi friendship

Shah Delivering A Speech

amit shah looking while delivering a speech
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