We live in a society Joker Meme Template

We live in a society meme template

We live in a society where honor is a distance memory is a quote from the 2021 movie Justice League : Snyder Cut.

We live in a society meme was a format in which those proud of not fitting into said society would point out hypocrisies or failings inherent in it. The joker never said this quote in the previous movies but memers used images of Jokers (notably Heath Ledger) with the caption “We live in a society”.

In the Justice League Snyder Cut trailer director Jack Snyder solved the misquoting problem of this famous meme and put this lines into Joker Jared Leto’s mouth.

After the release of the trailer of the movie this meme put a smile on every DC fan’s face and it trended on Twitter very soon.

Example Memes

Credit : Prashant Soni
Credit : MB Madni
Credit : Prince Rajput

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