Modi Funny Photos And Meme Templates

Funny Photos of Narendra Modi have been making the rounds of the internet for a while. Modi’s trademark poses, gestures and funny expressions are used by meme makers to create funniest memes on the social media platforms.

Narendra Modi is the 14th Prime Minister of India. Mr Modi served as Chief Minister of Gujarat for three terms. He is one of the most popular leaders in the world. Narenndra Modi is ranked 9th on Forbes list of most powerful persons in the world.

In his first tenure he was trolled for announcing demonetization and traveling abroad so often. During the 17th Lok Sabha election campaign the slogan “Aayega to Modi hi” (After all, Modi will return) gained popularity.

Check out our list of funny photos of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi :

Happy Modi vs Angry Modi

Modi firing at virtual firing range with assault rifle

Narendra Modi In Parliament Funny Reaction

(2 Feb, 2020)

Modi watching the solar eclipse

PM Modi With Bollywood Actresses

Ye Bol Raha Hai …

“Maine kaha itne cloud hain, baarish hain, benefit kar sakte hain”

Dosti Bani Rahe

Wah Modiji Wah !

Rahul Gandhi Hugging Modi

Modiji Exercising

Modi With Bear Grylls

Narendra Modi appeared in a man vs wild interview with British adventurer Bear Grylls. The episode was shot in Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.

You are the most important man in India

Modi Grylls Laughing

Modi Digital India

Mother Advising Modi

Narendra Modi in the Rajya Sabha

Narendra Modi in a press meeting outside parliament

PM Narendra Modi takes a ride in a tank

Modi Warning

Modiji Looking Angrily

Emmanuel Macron grinning while hugging PM Narendra Modi

Modiji Resting And In Deep Thought

Narendra Modi ignoring Sonia Gandhi

Shocked Modi

Modi Laughing

Modi After Demonetization 😉

When Someone Says Rahul Will Become PM

Modi And Shah

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PM Modi Look-Alikes

Modi duplicate Abhinandan Pathak dancing after congress win