Meme Templates From Various Simpsons Episodes

The Simpsons is the longest-running animated television series in U.S. history. Created by Matt Groening, the animated sitcorn debuted on December 17, 1989. It has been running for 29 years and 30 seasons. The first feature length film adaptation of the show, The Simpsons movie, was released worldwide on July 27, 2007.

The show is set in the fictional American city of Springfield, The Simpsons centres on a typical working-class family who live in a fictional Middle American town of Springfield. Homer Simpson, a safety director at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, lives with his wife Marge and their three children : Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Marge a stereotypical homemaker wife, Bart is like any other ten-year-old boy, Lisa is an eight-year-old genius and Maggie, who rarely speaks, an apacifier loving infant.

The Simpsons parodies many aspects of American culture, society, television, politics and history. The show has won 31 Primetime Emmy awards and 30 Annie awards. The TIME magazine named it “Best television series of the 20th century”.

The Simpsons memes are so popular that there is a search engine dedicated to the show called Frinkiac. It shows screenshots from The Simpsons related to a phrase or word entered. Here is our list of most popular Simpsons meme templates:

Get ready everyone, he is about to do something stupid

get ready everyone he is about to do something stupid Homer Simpsons meme template

Everyone is stupid except me

everyone is stupid except me Homer Simpsons meme template

Homer Hides In Bush

Episode : “Homer Loves Flanders”

“I’m In Danger”

small boy ralph in a bus im in danger chuckles The Simpsons Memes
EPISODE : “The Simpsons Guy”

Homer Simpson Alone In A Bar

homer simpson alone in a bar
EPISODE : “Fear of Flying”

Ralph Jump Through Window

simpsons meme templates ralph wiggum brick
EPISODE : “The Bart of War”

Bart Hits Homer With A Chair And Homar Takes Revenge

Bart hits Homer with chair homar revenge the simpsons meme templates
EPISODE : “A Milhouse Divided”

Simpsons On Car

simpsons memes homer simpsons on car shouting

Homer Simpson’s Back Fat

Simpsons Meme Templates Homer Simpson's Back Fat
EPISODE : “Husbands & Knives”

“Say The Line Bart”

SIMPSONS MEME TEMPLATE say the line bart
EPISODE : “Bart Gets Famous”

Lisa Simpson’s Presentation

Simpsons Meme Templates Lisa Simpson's Presentation
EPISODE : “Bye, Bye, Nerdy”

Bart Simpsons Chalkboard Sketch

Bart Simpsons chalkboard sketch Simpsons Funny Photos Memes
EPISODE : “Bart the Genius”

That’s a Paddlin

Simpsons' Jasper That's a Paddlin
EPISODE : “The PTA Disbands”
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