Einstein Chacha Of Chaat Waale Brawl

Einstein Chacha memes started trending on the internet after a video of clash between two groups of ‘chaat’ shopkeepers went viral.

Einstein chacha of viral chaat waale brawl in jail meme
Einstein Chacha Of Chaat Waale Brawl in jail meme template

According to ANI, on 22 th February 2021, clash broke out between two groups of ‘chaat’ shopkeepers over the issue of attracting customers to their respective shops in Baraut area of ​​Baghpat district of UP.

After the video of this clash and an image of the arrested persons went viral, Harendra, an elderly person with henna-streaked hair, who was involved in this street fight became fooder of memes on the internet for his WWE-like wrestling move and Einstein-like hair.

You can watch the full video here :

After this video went viral, 2 hours later, ANI UP tweeted an image of those eight people who have been arrested in connection with the clash. In this image the Einstein Chacha, who was seen doing a WWE like wrestling move in the video, was sitting with the other chaatwalas in jail.

This image and the video served as a fooder to Einstein Chacha memes on the Indian internet and even foreign YouTubers like Ozzy Man Reviews made commentary videos on this.

Here are some of the best Einstein Chacha Memes :

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