Dhoni Dancing On Bole jo koyal bago mein

A series of video memes of Indian cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni dancing on the popular Krishna Singh-Falguni Pathak song Bole jo koyal bago mein went viral in September 2022.

The meme originated from a TikTok video of popular Telegu short video creator Uppal Balu. The video was first uploaded by TikTok user Ranadheer Adla (@ ranadheeradla) on 26th November 2019. As of October 2022, the video got 3.5 million views and 60.2 thousand likes. The video was shot in the Ralla Vagu project in Telangana, India.

The video resurfaced as a meme in September 2022 and various versions of edited videos of Dhoni dancing on Bole Jo Koyal song became popular.

Another video of MS Dhoni where he was grooving to the hit song, Jhak Maar Ke, from the 2011 film, Desi Boyz before his wife Sakshi Singh was edited with the audio Bole jo koyal bago mein.

Meme creators started using other videos from Uppal Balu’s Instagram with the “Bole Jo Koyal” song in the background to create various memes during the IPL 2023.

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