CID : Dialogues And Memes

CID (Crime Investigation Department) is the longest running television series in India. First episode of the police procedural series premiered on 21 January 1998 and went off air after 21 years on 27 October 2018.

Dialogues from the show, which was loved by everyone from kids to old people, were also very popular. Here we have listed popular dialogues from CID that are also used to make memes.

Shivaji Satam As ACP Pradyuman

Daya, kuch toh gardbad hai

Daya, kuch toh gardbad hai ACP Pradyuman cid dialogue

Daya darwaza tod do

Daya darwaza tod do ACP Pradyuman dialogue in cid telling daya to break the door

Tumhe to fansi hogi fansi

Tumhe to fansi hogi fansi ACP Pradyuman meme CID

Iska matlab samjhe Daya

iska matlab samjhe daya ACP Pradyuman in tv show dialogue CID

Daya, pata lagao ki yeh khoon kisne kiya hai

Daya, pata lagao ki yeh khoon kisne kiya hai ACP Pradyuman in cid

Aditya Srivastava As Abhijeet losing his mind

Inspector Abhijeet losing his mind meme
Sad looking Sick CID Inspector Abhijeet sleeping on a hospital bed after losing his memory

Hopeless Daya

CID inspector Daya sitting near a sea beach looking hopeless and depressed

Daya pointing a gun At his head

CID inspector Daya pointing a gun on himself

CID Inspector Vivek Meme Template

CID Inspector Vivek sitting with a computer looking sad meme

Joker On CID

a joker type funny character was in a episode of indian TV show CID

Narendra Gupta As Dr Salunkhe

Dr Salunkhe licking drugs

Dr Salunkhe licking drugs cid meme
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